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How to Add Whatsapp Messenger Chat Box to Your WordPress Site

Responding faster to a customer is going to leave a better impression rather than making them wait.

There are many ways customers can reach you like email or live chat. Live chat is one of the quickest methods of customer service.

Live chat helps you connect with website visitors in real-time, so you can offer help, generate leads, and convert them into a customer.

There are many live chat plugins available for WordPress. But live chat plugins are not the only way you can communicate with your visitors. You can also add Whatsapp or Facebook messenger chat box to WordPress to communicate with your visitors.

In today’s post, we’ll look at how to add WhatsApp messenger chat box to your WordPress site to maximize engagement and make it easier for your visitors to communicate with you.

WhatsApp is a cross-platform mobile messaging app, which allows you to exchange messages without having to pay for SMS.

More than 1 billion people in over 180 countries use WhatsApp. WhatsApp is free and offers simple, secure, reliable messaging and calling, available on phones all over the world.

Additionally, WhatsApp is no longer just for phones, there are now both Mac and Windows apps that have made WhatsApp officially multi-platform.

Steps to Add Whatsapp Messenger Chat Box to WordPress Site

The first thing you need is a running WordPress site, for that you need the best hosting and essential plugins.

Step 1: Installing the Whatshelp Chat Button Plugin

To add a WhatsApp chat button to WordPress, I am going to use Whatshelp Chat Button plugin.

Whatshelp Chat Button Plugin

Once you install and activate the plugin, you need to go to the plugin dashboard.

Click on the link given in step 1 to generate the button code.

Step 2: Creating the Button Code

The link leads you to an external page. On that page, make sure you select Whatsapp as your messaging app and fill out the necessary details.

The first thing you need to do is fill out the number you want to receive the messages on. And the next thing is about customizing your button.

In the customize section, you can add your company logo(pro feature) and greeting message(pro feature). You can also adjust the position of the button and edit your call to action message.

Pro Features

By opting for pro features you can edit your greeting message, track clicks in Google Analytics, adjust the position of your button, customize the button color and choose where you want to display the button.

Next, enter your email at the bottom and click Get Button Code. You will get the code at the bottom.

Step 3: Applying the Code

Now copy and paste that code into the WhatsHelp tab in your WordPress dashboard.

Click on Save Changes and you should see your WhatsApp chat button on the live version of your site.

WhatsApp is a massively popular tool and it is also multi-platform.

By adding Whatsapp Chat Box to your WordPress Site, you let your visitors send messages directly to you. This is one of the quickest and easy methods of communication.

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