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Social Warfare Pro Review 2019: Best Social Media Plugin for WordPress

Are you looking for the best social media plugin for your WordPress Site? Then Social Warfare is the only plugin you will ever need for WordPress. It is a powerful and simple social media plugin to help you increase social shares, traffic, and conversions.

Social Warfare plugin comes in both free and premium version. The free version works for basic social share buttons, however, it is the pro version with extra add-ons and options that makes Social Warfare special.



  • Social network sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and StumbleUpon.
  • 4 placement options for your buttons.
  • Social Proof – display how many times your content has been shared.
  • Popular Posts Widget based on social share counts.
  • Click to Tweet Quotes.
  • Shortcodes.
  • Content Protection.


In addition to everything that comes with the free version, the pro version has the following additional features.

  • Social network share buttons for Reddit, Tumblr, Whatsapp, Pocket, Buffer, Hacker News, Flipboard, Yummly, and Email.
  • Pin All the Images (Pinterest).
  • Powerful share customization.
  • Custom designs and placement for social buttons.
  • Minimum social proof setting.
  • Share Recovery for your lost counts.
  • Social Authorship, Twitter Cards, Rich Pins and more.
  • Link Shortening, Analytics Campaign tracking, and Button Click track.
  • Gutenberg Compatible.

1. Social Networks

The first step is to select the social networks you want to display. All we have to do is drag the icons from the inactive tab to active tab.

Social Networks

Once you select the networks you want to display, you will have two options to sort the order of the networks. The first option is manually sorting the buttons using drag and drop option and the second option is dynamic sorting that allows you to adjust your social share buttons based on the number of shares of each network.

2. Image Hover Pin-it Button

One of the stand out features in the pro version is the Hover to Pin Button.

Image Hover Pin Button

Enabling the Image Hover Pin Button will place a “Pin” button over top of every image inside of your content when a reader hovers their mouse over it. This makes every image on your page highly sharable to Pinterest.

3. Powerful share Customization

Social Warfare Pro add-on allows you to decide exactly which image, title, and description appear when your content is shared on sites like Facebook and Google+. This also applies to any other networks that use Open Graph data for social shares.

In the social warfare post meta box, you get the option of selecting the image that is optimized for Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn, as well as the title and description for the particular post.

Share Customization

On top of that, you can upload a custom Pinterest image and write a custom description so that when someone clicks the pin button, the exact image you’ve chosen shows up with exactly the description you’ve written.

Pin it customization

In addition to that, you can also write a custom tweet for when someone clicks on the Twitter button. The exact tweet will be displayed in the Twitter share box and Social Warfare will automatically add the link to your content and your @username to the end of it.

Custom Tweet

4. Custom Design and Placement of Buttons

With Social Warfare, you can customize how your buttons look and where they appear on the page or post.

There are 6 different button shapes, 8 different color themes plus the ability to choose custom colors for your buttons. The design combinations are unlimited.

Visual Options

In addition to styling, Social Warfare allows you to place your buttons anywhere on the page or post by selecting the placement options available.

Placement options

5. Share Count Recovery

If at any point you change your permalink structures, domain prefixes, connection protocols (HTTP-HTTPS) or just flat out changed domains and ended up losing all your social share counts.

Well, the Social Warfare plugin keeps your social share counts intact when you switch your permalink or when you move from HTTP to HTTPS protocol by enabling the Share Recovery tool.

Share Counts Recovery

How does it work?

In order to recover your social share counts, Social Warfare will make 2 requests to the various social networks. One request will use your current URL permalink structure, the other will use your previous URL permalink structure. Once the numbers have been fetched, if they are not an exact match, we will add the numbers together before displaying them on the buttons.

If the numbers are an exact match, the plugin assumes that that network is tracking the change and has already compensated accordingly.

6. Content Protection

Social Warfare uses Frame Buster to protect you from content hijackers seeking to place their advertisements on top of your content without your permission.

Content Protection

The Frame Buster will detect any instance of your website being shown inside a frame or a rerouted URL version of your content. Once detected it will instantly redirect visitors to the original content (without the unsolicited calls-to-action).

7. Minimum Social Proof

If you set the Minimum Shares value to a certain count, then Social Warfare will only display the share count once it surpasses the minimum value.

Minimum Social Proof

Or you can turn off the counts and it will not display the number of share counts.

8. Popular Posts Widget Based On Social Share Counts

Popular posts widget allows you to show the most popular post based on the number of social shares.

When you enable the Social Warfare plugin, it also adds a widget that lets you configure & add the “Popular Post” widget in your blog’s sidebar or footer.

Popular Post Widget

This widget is highly configurable and you can make the adjustments according to your requirement. Here is how the widget looks.

Popular post frontend

9. Click to Tweet

This is a built-in feature in the Social Warfare pro plugin. This has proven to increase the average number of tweets per article dramatically.

Click to tweet

You get 6 different Click to Tweet styles and an option to create your own style via your theme’s CSS.


If you are looking for a best social media sharing plugin for your WordPress site, Social Warfare is a great choice and I highly recommend to everyone. With the price value of $29 per site, it is worth it.

It is also Gutenberg compatible.

Social Warfare Pro Plugin Review

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