Setup Leave At Door Option for Local Deliveries in Woocommerce

How To Setup Leave At Door Option for Local Deliveries in Woocommerce

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many countries around the world are currently in some form of lockdown to contain the spread of the virus. Many businesses are being forced to adapt and make critical changes just to survive. Restaurants and local stores are one of the hardest hit by the new restrictions.

If you run a restaurant or a store that offers local delivery through woocommerce, customers may be wary about opening the door to a delivery person. You may want to give the customer the option to leave it at the door with added instructions. In fact, during this time it is a great option to offer this choice, and if not needed later on, easily remove it.

In order to setup Leave At Door option for local deliveries in woocommerce, we will require three things:

  • Right Platform: We recommend WordPress + Woocommerce
  • Proper Hosting: We recommend WPX Hosting
  • Leave At Door Plugin

Leave At Door plugin adds a checkbox before the Place Order button at checkout, which reveals an optional text input for additional delivery instructions. If the customer chooses contact-less delivery, it will be displayed in three places:

  • The admin order edit screen just below the billing address section.
  • The order email just below the order table.
  • The order invoice that the customer sees after completing their order.

Steps to Setup Leave At Door Option for Local Deliveries in Woocommerce

Step 1: Installing the Leave At Door plugin

In the WordPress admin dashboard, go to Plugins and click Add New. Now, enter Leave At Door in the search and you will get the following plugin.

Leave At Door Plugin

Step 2: Activating the Plugin

After installing the plugin, you can activate it under WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping. Here you will choose which shipping option you want this enabled for.

Activating the Leave At Door Plugin

You can assign the local delivery area to the shipping zone. First, enter the name of the shipping zone for the local delivery. Next, select the city or area where the local delivery is applicable and in the last select the shipping rate and click on save changes.

Step 3: Checking the Plugin Function in the front-end

When a customer places the order, they will see the option of Leave At Door at the checkout.

Leave at door option

When the customer selects this option, they can leave particular instructions for delivery.

Instruction option

On the customer’s order details, the leave at door option will be displayed, indicating that the customer wishes for the order to be left at the door and delivery instructions.

Even when the economies start opening, customers will be keen on having a contact-less delivery option. The concept of contact-less delivery may have a longer run beyond this current situation and perhaps even become a permanent fixture on e-commerce checkout screens.

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