Cloudways Hosting Review & Setup Guide 2019

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform. It is a platform that facilitates choice, simplicity, and performance.

Cloudways is a popular name in the PaaS industry. Their platform-as-a-service cloud servers come with a lot of features, these cloud servers give you dedicated resources to improve website speed and stability.

Cloudways works with top six cloud providers: Digital Ocean, Vultr, Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine, and Linode.

The other great part about Cloudways is that they use the latest technology (Apache, Nginx, Varnish, Memcached, Redis, PHP-FPM, MySQL/MariaDB for the database). In addition, they also provide Breeze Cache Plugin and Cloudways CDN.


  • Top 6 cloud providers.
  • Unlimited applications.
  • One click SSL Certificate Install.
  • Managed Backups.
  • FTPS and SFTP: Secure and Ready.
  • Advanced Caching.
  • Real-time Server Monitoring.
  • Server User Roles.
  • Innovative Control Panel.
  • PHP 7 ready servers.

If Cloudways sounds like the right host or if you just want to get an inside look at what their hosting has to offer, then sign up for the free trial that Cloudways offers to test their platform.

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Cloudways Hosting Setup Guide

Signup for a Cloudways Account

The first thing you need to do is go to the Cloudways homepage and click on ‘Start Free’ button at the top. You will be taken to the signup page. Enter your email address, password, describe about yourself and your monthly hosting spending. Now click on ‘Start Free’.

Cloudways Signup

You will get an activation mail in a few minutes. Click on the ‘Activate Account’ button to activate your account.

account activation

Setting Up Cloudways Server

After activating the account, you will be taken to the cloudways dashboard.


First, you will select your application. As you know WordPress is one of the most popular web platforms around so they have put it at the top. There are four options to choose from:

WordPress Versions

Choose the option that fits your requirement. If you are not sure, then select the standard version or clean (no cloudways optimization) version.

The standard version comes with cloudways optimization – i.e., it comes with breeze cache plugin. This plugin is a cache plugin by cloudways team.

The clean version is the default WordPress version without any cloudways optimization.

Next, add your own names for the app, server, and your project.

Now, select your cloud provider, server size and data center locations. The available options are: 

  • Digital Ocean – High-performance SSD storage with 7 datacenters in 3 countries.
  • Linode – Popular cloud provider with 8 datacentres across 3 regions.
  • VULTR – Economical cloud provider with 13 datacentres.
  • Amazon Web Services – Configurable disk size and bandwidth with 8 datacenters in 6 locations.
  • Google Cloud Platform – Reliable cloud hosting infrastructure with 4 locations and 3 continents.

All the cloud providers vary in prices and infrastructure. Digital Ocean and VULTR offer almost unlimited bandwidth and are budget friendly. Whereas, Amazon and Google provide bandwidth on a pay-as-you-go basis and are useful for developers and large business.

After selecting the cloud provider and the server size, click on the ‘Launch Now’ button to create the server.

Cloudways server setup


Master Credentials

Cloudways server console by default will open to your Master Credentials. From here you can access your SFTP and SSH details of all applications. Alternatively, you can launch SSH terminal in your browser by clicking the ‘LAUNCH SSH TERMINAL’ button.

Cloudways Master Credentials


Next is the Monitoring Section. There are a lot of options available for monitoring your server and application, however, there is one option to keep an eye on. That option is Idle CPU.

Cloudways Monitoring Section

Idle CPU Percentage of FREE (not used) CPU. Higher means the server is less busy. If it is consistently below 10 to 20%, consider increasing your server size.

Managing Services

In this section, you can control various Core Services that allow your applications to run. This includes Apache, Nginx, Varnish, Databases and other optional services.

Cloudways Services 

Note: Changing these settings may break your web app’s functioning.

Settings & Packages

In this section, you can manage various server-level settings and packages.

If you are using WordPress you may need to adjust some of your server settings to be able to upload a specific file or install a plugin or theme. These settings can be found in this section.

Cloudways settings and packages

After making the changes, click on ‘SAVE CHANGES’ button.


Cloudways maintains firewalls and implements server patches regularly to keep your applications safe. They also monitor the activities on your server.

Cloudways security system blocks IPs that try to exploit SSH/SFTP on your server. In other instances, you can lock yourself out if you input the wrong password several times. Cloudways provide an option in the platform to whitelist your IPs so that you don’t get locked out of your server.

Cloudways Security

Vertical Scaling

Increase your server size in your cloudways plan anytime from this section.

Cloudways Vertical Scaling

Note that with vertical scaling on DigitalOcean you can only increase the server size and that scaling down is only possible through the cloning feature.


In this section, you can take backups as often as every hour or once in a day or once a week. You can perform an on-demand backup of your server.

If you enable Local Backups, this will additionally create a downloadable copy of all the applications present on your server.

Cloudways Backup


SMTP is a built-in feature to use a third party email service to deliver emails from your server. Simply choose your own SMTP then add and configure your email provider or choose elastic email from your add-ons.

Cloudways SMTP


Now switch from servers to the application. Here click on your WordPress Installation.


After clicking on your application, you will be taken to the Application Management console.

Access Details

In this section, you will get access to your application URL, admin login credentials for your WordPress application, Database credentials and application credentials for terminal access.


Domain Management

For moving your site from the development stage to the live site, all you have to do is point your domain to your application using the Domain Management section. 


SSL Certificate

Manage your SSL certificate for your application in this section. Using SSL, your site visitors can validate that they are connected to your web server and not a sham server.

In this section create a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate on your server by providing information about your application.

Cloudways SSL

Alternatively, you can switch the SSL option to upload your own custom certificate.


If anything happens to your site and you want to restore it back to the way it was, all you need to do is go to ‘Restore’ section and select the latest working backup and restore it.

Application Settings

Configure PHP and Varnish settings for your application in this section.

Cloudways app settings

Migration Tools

Bring your application to Cloudways Cloud Platform without any hardships. All you need to do is install Cloudways WordPress Migrator Plugin.

This plugin will help you to swiftly move your application’s data and database to your new cloud server.

As you know, with each Cloudways account, you will get one managed free migration by cloudways team.

Cloudways Migration Cloudways CDN

By setting up CDN for your application, you can speed up delivery of static resources for your application, and make your application load faster.

Cloudways have partnered with StackPath (formerly known as MaxCDN). Note that, for a single website, the Monthly Subscription costs $1 per 25GB of bandwidth.

Apart from all the above features, there are few add-ons available in the dashboard and their support team is also very helpful.

I hope this article has given you a clear idea of what Cloudways has to offer.

Cloudways Hosting Review
  • Features
  • Price
  • Ease Of Use
  • Support


Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform. It is a platform that facilitates choice, simplicity, and performance. Cloudways is a popular name in the PaaS industry.


  • Easy to Setup.
  • 24/7 Support available.
  • Pay-as-you-go plans.
  • Support multiple cloud providers.
  • SSL included.


  • Email not available with hosting account.
  • No Cpanel or Plesk dashboard.

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